>> ToA Anthology feat. Guy Cecil
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Name: Tales of the Abyss Anthology Comic mini feat. Guy Cecil
Artist: Ayumi Fujimura
Characters: Guy, Van, House Fabre
Rating: PG
Warnings: Guy's backstory, gag 4-koma in the back

This comic takes place shortly after Luke's disappearance with Tear. While discussing plans to retrieve the young noble with Van, Guy thinks upon the past that has resulted in his employment under House Fabre.

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* Right click the link and click "Save Target As..." to download the RAR file. To open a RAR file, you will need a RAR extractor, such as WinRAR (Google it XD).


Tales of the Abyss
Chapter 23

Tales of the Abyss
Chapter 22

Tales of Destiny: DC
Chapter 3

Tales of the Abyss
Chapter 21

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