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To apply as an affiliate of Wings of an Angel, please email Miken from the Contact Us page and provide a link to your banner and your website. Thank you!

Abyssal Chronicles

Our parent site -- Led by a745, it provides up to date news pertaining to the entire Tales series as well media downloads and subbed Tales of the Abyss episodes.

Akuma Corporation

A German scanlations site featuring Tales manga among other projects.


A German scanlations site led by Fei. It features the Tales series along with a number of doujinshi.

Namco Bandai Tales Studio (fansite)

Not the official site, but a fansite based off of Myspace dedicated to the series. Blar-scantrad Link A French team currently using our scans as a base for their own Tales of the Abyss scanlation.

Tales of the Abyss
Chapter 23

Tales of the Abyss
Chapter 22

Tales of Destiny: DC
Chapter 3

Tales of the Abyss
Chapter 21

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