>> Happy Holidays!

EDIT: Still looking for translators for:
- Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut (maybe?)
- Tales of the World
- Tales of Phantasia
- Various Doujin/Anthologies

To all of those celebrating a holiday this month, here's a present for you~ At long last, Tales of Innocence 11 is out. In addition, we have Tales of the Abyss chapter 15 where we finally pick up from the cliffhanger we left off on.

Ahahahaha...It's a wonder we even have them here, they were just finished on Monday and Tuesday respectively. XD;;

As you may or may not know, Wings of an Angel is now approaching its 2nd birthday! Almost 2 years, can you believe it? At this point, I would like to say that any releases that aren't urgent will be witheld until the 24th of January. Maybe a little earlier or later, since I have SATs scheduled for that day. DX

But I digress, To prepare for the upcoming birthday, I would also like to continue from last year. If anyone wishes to contribute anything -- whether it be fanart, graphics...pretty much anything relating to our projects -- please send it to my email listed at the Contact Us page with an appropriate subject line like "WoaA Birthday". Of course, this is entirely optional and should be done only if one wishes to, there's no pressure. XD;;

(As a precaution -- fanart must be drawn by oneself and if a base image, like a manga scan, is used. Please add a credit line for yourself and the original author)

PS - Head over to Eternal, Rena'll have her present for you soon~

Posted by miken-chan on Dec 24, 2008 Post a Comment (11)
   >> Abyss Chapter 00

Well, after much deliberation and a few extra days of coloring, the fifth gaiden chapter for Tales of the Abyss is finally finished. It's a nice prologue to the main story, and it was quite fun to work on.

In addition, WoaA is (once again) looking for translators. At the moment, we currently have three, but there are more projects that are sitting on the backburner. If you are interested, please either PM at the Abyssal Chronicles forum or email me via the Contact Us page.

Also: Why yes I do like Jade in a ponytail~ <3

Posted by miken-chan on Dec 02, 2008 Post a Comment (13)
   >> ToP00 and a ToA Anthology

Well, Tales of Phantasia chapter 00 (prologue) is done~ Also done is an Anthology featuring Guy Cecil with a couple 4-koma comics added.

Any releases following this will be delayed because I have to reformat my computer again. Hopefully this won't take too long, but heads up if you don't see something out for a couple weeks.

Posted by miken-chan on Oct 27, 2008 Post a Comment (13)
   >> La Preuve

It's been a while since we've uploaded a new doujinshi, hasn't it? Well, let that be no more! La Preuve is now available for download~

Thanks very much to Fei of Majinken for the scans, please visit her site for german Tales scanlations.

Also, notice the timing once more? Well, Tales of the Abyss episode 3 is now done at Abyssal Chronicles. Please visit the site for downloads.

Posted by miken-chan on Oct 18, 2008 Post a Comment (9)
   >> Tales of the Abyss 14

Well, I realized that trying to proofread this chapter while timing the second half of episode 2 was a lost cause. It's not often that I send out proofreading tasks to others, but it does take a whole load offa me. XD;;

So, go download ToA14 and don't forget to go and download Tales of the Abyss episode 2 from Abyssal Chronicles. It should be noted that a number of complaints have been addressed, if any of you have seen the polls at the site or at LJ recently. And yes, this is the reason why chapter 14 was released now (if Mieu is wondering why I was holding it off for a couple days ^-^"").

Synchronized release (not really) ftw!

Also, if anyone is willing to help translate some doujinshi/anthologies and perhaps some Tales of Magazine entries, please email me from the Contact Us page.

Uguuu...I should be addressing my health and giving more work to other people (except ju-da-su and deriku who are bogged down right now). -_-""

Posted by miken-chan on Oct 11, 2008 Post a Comment (15)
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