>> Update?!!

It's been so long since the last update that I almost forgot how to edit the pages and put up a news post. Honestly, I'm really losing it...

I'd love to thank all most of you for your patience and would like to reward you with chapters 18 and 19 of Tales of the Abyss. Finally, we reach Volume 4~ Don't get your hopes up about faster releases though...I'm still the very same procrastinator that you've all come to love/hate so just sit back patiently for the next update. [Hopefully I'll have overcome the whole "handing out work" problem that I've always had by then]

Next, we have the new Jade-centric manga, "Reminisces of Jade", which is the product of a ~wonderful~ collaboration with the Buusagi scanlation group. As you may notice, this release is slightly different from the others. For one, there is a nice watermark of a cute little rappig in the upper-left corner of all pages. This is in all Buusagi releases, and since this is a collab with them, the watermark is kept. Also -- for this, there are two download links. The first is a JPEG version which carries a much smaller file size and the next is a PNG version which is well...larger.

With this...I officially only have one last thing to attend to in terms of backed up scanlations. I'll keep that a secret for now, but it's quite painfully obvious. :D

Have fun reading~:love:

Posted by miken-chan on Jul 15, 2009 Post a Comment (18)
   >> Finally!!

So, it's been almost two months since the last release, huh? I apologize profusely for the delay. I can blame Tales of Rebirth and Pokemon Platinum, but my own chronic procrastination played a huge part too.

We have Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut chapter 2 up (finally!), but you can probably tell that my cleaning job on it was quite horrible. Thank goodness we're gong to redo it with our collab with Eternal later on. XD;;

Two more ToA chapters in progress -- will try not to get sidetracked with completing my pokedex.

Posted by miken-chan on Apr 11, 2009 Post a Comment (10)
   >> ToW:RM 1

Bah, still somewhere in the middle of Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut chapter 2. Bah, 4 essays is never fun on a 4-day weekend. I was planning to release it together with this, but I've waited long enough.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology part 1 is now downloadable

Well, now I've got to write another paper on a big white whale and a monomaniac.

(I do realized I should've colored a Kanonno image instead of Arche...again)

Posted by miken-chan on Feb 16, 2009 Post a Comment (6)
   >> Keeping everyone posted

Miken is more than slightly tired of the fandom right now, but it's mostly nobody's fault. However, I'm going to try and push myself to get what I have done sometime soon.

Anyways -- A big welcome to Dorkyun and Genis, two amazing translators~

So far, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology chapter 1 is done, but I'm planning to release it with ToD Director's Cut 2, which I'm less than 1/3 into due to extreme procrastination. Do expect then within 1-2 weeks unless something pops up.

Posted by miken-chan on Feb 09, 2009 Post a Comment (6)
   >> A Little Bit Early~

As many of you may know, Wings of an Angel's 2nd Birthday is technically the 24th. Although most of the world is already there, it's still the 23rd here where we go by EST. Not to mention, I would have like timing the release to around 10pm on that day too.

Unfortunately, I have the SATs tomorrow morning, followed by a school activity that will no doubt exhaust me. Anyways, being early doesn't hurt either~

We have a lot this time around~ If you look to the sidebar, you can see that we finally got around to working on the first chapter of Tales of Symphonia. You can say we're back where we started in a sense.

In addition, the Tales of Symphonia Blade Comics Anthology has been uploaded. We're going to be releasing it story by story. Thankfully, you can read them out of order just fine.

We also wrap up Tales of Innocence with chapter 12. Wonderful HQ scans by Nagi from her copy of volume 3. However, this is not the end of the series for us. We're going to be collaborating with Eternal to release a high quality version of the series. Another collaboration (in need of a translator!) is Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut. As you can see, we haven't made good progress with it. At this point, we're ditching work on the magazine version and proceeding with Eternal to work on the tankouban version.

Also, there are re-releases of Ion Gaiden and Asch Gaiden. For the Ion Gaiden, we have used the same raws as last time, courtesy of Aefallen. Thankfully, I know much more about cleaning than I did way back then when I worked on it the first time. As for Asch Gaiden, we have used high quality raws from the back of the 3rd volume, thanks to Nagi.

Two new chapters of Abyss also finally wrap up the 3rd volume.

NOTE: I have acquired a copy of the Tales of Fandom vol.2 Anthology. However, I am reluctant to scan it without a translator willing to take on the entire book. In addition to translators requested previously, someone can apply to translate this too.

Posted by miken-chan on Jan 23, 2009 Post a Comment (12)
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