>> 3 Years~!

Though our offerings this year might be less than expected, I hope you still like our releases nonetheless~

First off, there's Tales of Symphonia (again) with chapter 2 version 2. This time around, we're working off of the official French release. This might clear up some inaccuracies of the first version, but it probably isn't 100% faithful to the original text, since there are bound to have been liberties with the french version, and I'm sure we made some liberties ourselves in this translation in order to make the characters sound more...well, in-character. Additionally, we have a separate .rar file for the bonus comics that are behind the slip cover of volume 1.

Then there's a double dose of Tales of the Abyss with 20 and 21. I know I've been annoyed about this in the shoutbox. This year has been a pretty slow one for us, but I hope this gets us off on the right foot? At the very least, it'll stop the complaining. (A nice note for the rest of the year: When I'm not obligated to release something like today, complaints usually push releases further back)

Finally, there's the long-awaited Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut chapter 3. I assure you that this chapter is cursed and it's a miracle that it's even getting released today. I had to redo it at least 3 times thanks to my computer dying at very inopportune moments. Hurry and get it before it mysteriously disappears~~~~

Additionally, there is another release coming in later today, I'll update this post after it's been finalized~

Okay~ Here's yet another wonderful chapter of the Jade-centric manga, done in collaboration with our friends at Buusagi~ Have fun!

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   >> Reminder~

Time is passing by rather quickly, so I'm here to give a reminder to everyone who wants to send it fanart/manga colorings for WoaA's 3rd birthday to please email me the images by the 20th. ^-^


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   >> An Update?

Tales of the Abyss: Reminisces of Jade Chapter 2 is up~

Though chapter 2 is done entirely by the Buusagi team, since we're still collabing, it'd be best to put up every release here right? Don't forget to go visit their site (which is also linked at the Jade manga page)

Have fun and wait for January 24th for our next big update~! (hopefully...:P)

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   >> Preparations, Preparations

//Please do not overlook this post~//

So this has been a really off year for us, hasn't it? Due to lack of stuff to release and college application horror, I've decided to cancel the holiday releases. Still, to try and get the energy back and celebrate the fact that this project hasn't fallen to bits in 3 years, we're going for the usual festivities for January 24th~

Anyone who wants to draw fanart or color manga pages (only from series we work on, please), can send them in via my email listed on the Contact Us page. Your participation is really (very!) appreciated, so please have them in by the 20th of January~

A note to all disappeared staff as well: if you're willing to do a little more work, please feel free to contact me~ We don't have much yet in terms of preparations, but I hope we can release a nice chunk of chapters to make up for our lack of productivity this year.

*Also: Anyone willing to translate (and not disappear) is welcome to join in on the preparations~ I swear I'll get more work done if I'm threatened with the prospect of more work piling up behind me. :D

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   >> Just a tiny change

Yeah -- all of you leechers can run off now, since this doesn't involve releasing any new chapter. >_>;;

For one, I would like to point out that the email to contact me by is now miken-chan@hotmail.com . This is mostly because I'm changing my internet service provider and I'd be losing the previous email address.

On a different note, remember to check out the affiliates page, linked below the shoutbox.

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