>> Preparations, Preparations

//Please do not overlook this post~//

So this has been a really off year for us, hasn't it? Due to lack of stuff to release and college application horror, I've decided to cancel the holiday releases. Still, to try and get the energy back and celebrate the fact that this project hasn't fallen to bits in 3 years, we're going for the usual festivities for January 24th~

Anyone who wants to draw fanart or color manga pages (only from series we work on, please), can send them in via my email listed on the Contact Us page. Your participation is really (very!) appreciated, so please have them in by the 20th of January~

A note to all disappeared staff as well: if you're willing to do a little more work, please feel free to contact me~ We don't have much yet in terms of preparations, but I hope we can release a nice chunk of chapters to make up for our lack of productivity this year.

*Also: Anyone willing to translate (and not disappear) is welcome to join in on the preparations~ I swear I'll get more work done if I'm threatened with the prospect of more work piling up behind me. :D

Posted by miken-chan on Dec 05, 2009 Comments: (10)
Posted by Tabitha on Dec 05, 2009
Where do we send entries?

Posted by Pyraven on Dec 05, 2009
If you don't mind a newbie, I would like to try a bit of translation.

Posted by Miken on Dec 05, 2009
@Tabitha: Send it to: miken-chan@hotmail.com

@Pyraven: That's totally fine~ If you can either email me or sign up at the AbyssalChronicles forums and PM me, that'd be totally awesome. We proofread translations, so it should be fine.

Posted by Eefara on Dec 06, 2009
Good luck on getting everthing done! I'd volunteer for some translating, but my knowledge of Japanese is limited right now...(*goes back to stalk your page in a year or so*)
Hopefully, I'll be able to submit some fanart soon.

Posted by Dorkyun on Dec 06, 2009
Sorry Miken, I am not dead, just extremely piled up with schoolwork, I swear I will get to the 4-koma that you've given me half a year ago XD;;

Posted by Ana Paula on Dec 08, 2009
i will really try colouring some pages or so to january 20~~
and though i do miss the updates, i totally understand that it's difficult to update while studying and stuff (I barely have the time to read them, myself XD), so, keep up the good work, both college and here ^^

Posted by Miken on Dec 08, 2009
@Eefara: Thanks~ I'll be eagerly awaiting! (Don't worry, my Japanese is pretty much just knowing the kanji. I haven't the chance to study the language yet...)

@Dorkyun: It's totally fine~ I can definitely relate that schoolwork >>>>>> this.

Posted by Miken on Dec 08, 2009
@Ana Paula: Thanks~<3
Yeah, though I still feel kind of bad for being this off this year. I really hope we can make up for it by coming in like a lion (and hopefully not going out like lamb) next year~

Posted by Mizu on Dec 10, 2009
Hello, I'm a new face here.. I seriously have a lot to say but at the forefront of my brain now it's like flashing "OMG 'TALES OF' SCANLATIONS I HEARTTTT THESE GUYSSSS!!" And, I couldn't help but agreee! You're all so AMAZING, I can't type much more but please keep on being AWESOME~

Posted by zm123 on Dec 12, 2012
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