>> Reformation...?

So yeah, I've gotten an itch to come back and start working on scanlations again. You can thank the amazing group of people I ran into at Otakon (who thankfully didn't rat me out for being a lazy bum) and that one booth in the dealers room where I bought RM3 from. I suppose I burnt myself out after the Abyss anime (which was ages ago anyways) and an overload of projects, school and work and I just kinda disappeared without realizing it. I mean, we even skipped over our 4th Anniversary!

Think of this as a recruitment post as well~ Since we're pretty much starting from the ground up again, I'm still scrambling to figure out who's still willing to do what [Btw if I gave you a project ages ago and I forgot like the idiot I am, please comment here]. While I'm still probably gonna be OCD over cleaning and typesetting for a while, translation/scanning positions are still open, like they always were and always will be. So if you want to help out, drop a comment or email me.

I should also note that work on the Tsuioku no Jade and Senketsu no Asch manga is stalled and the pages will probably be pulled when the manga are released in English later this year. Try and buy them when they're officially out, okay? Good sales might mean more official English Tales manga!

Also: What are your preferences on series we should cover? I mean, Abyss is still a go, but I'd still rather not cover the exact same series that Eternal does because that'd be just plain silly.

Posted by miken-chan on Aug 03, 2011 Comments: (44)
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