Just in time for the Turkey Day break (or in my case, duck) is the long-awaited update to Tales of the Abyss! Not only have I demonstrated that I'm just as bad as procrastinating as I was way back when this group was started, but I've also proven that once I get into the mood of working, I can't stop...and seeing as how it's 5:30am and I need to catch a train in a few more hours......

Anyways -- the status on raws for ToA is that I have no more currently ready, but I did manage to (finally) buy volumes 5,6 and 8. Where's 7 you ask? Well, I couldn't find it on YesAsia and I'm not too keen on most other places since they have exorbitant shipping prices. Once I get my hands on a friend's scanner things should pick up again.

As always scanner and translator positions are open. I have raws to a number of ToS anthologies as well as one for ToR that I've had around for ages. Iirc Rena also wants a translator for ToX's Jude manga and possible release it as a joint project? I can't really remember anymore...

Back to worrying about finals in two weeks...

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   >> Reformation...?

So yeah, I've gotten an itch to come back and start working on scanlations again. You can thank the amazing group of people I ran into at Otakon (who thankfully didn't rat me out for being a lazy bum) and that one booth in the dealers room where I bought RM3 from. I suppose I burnt myself out after the Abyss anime (which was ages ago anyways) and an overload of projects, school and work and I just kinda disappeared without realizing it. I mean, we even skipped over our 4th Anniversary!

Think of this as a recruitment post as well~ Since we're pretty much starting from the ground up again, I'm still scrambling to figure out who's still willing to do what [Btw if I gave you a project ages ago and I forgot like the idiot I am, please comment here]. While I'm still probably gonna be OCD over cleaning and typesetting for a while, translation/scanning positions are still open, like they always were and always will be. So if you want to help out, drop a comment or email me.

I should also note that work on the Tsuioku no Jade and Senketsu no Asch manga is stalled and the pages will probably be pulled when the manga are released in English later this year. Try and buy them when they're officially out, okay? Good sales might mean more official English Tales manga!

Also: What are your preferences on series we should cover? I mean, Abyss is still a go, but I'd still rather not cover the exact same series that Eternal does because that'd be just plain silly.

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   >> Something New for You~ (finally!?)

Thanks to the wonderful people at Buusagi, chapter 4 of the Reminisces of Jade manga is ready. Go over to the page to get it~

Now I should probably finish cleaning chapter 5...

Posted by miken-chan on May 11, 2010 Post a Comment (34)
   >> In regards to lack of activity

I know I suck. I promised more stuff this year, and yet, the only thing being released at what I can even call a "steady" rate is our collaboration project with Buusagi, the Jade spin-off manga. Though that's mostly because I like cleaning more than proofreading and translating and also because the staff at Buusagi are awesome...As for anyone waiting for the main Tales of the Abyss manga -- I'd like to say that it's my fault entirely for the holdup. I've had a translation sitting on my computer for months, but I completely lost the motivation to even proofread it. I did, however, print it out to work on it in case any of my classes get too boring.

I honestly haven't really handed out that much work so far this year either. Yume and Ju-da-su are handling their translations at their own pace, I ask Nagi for help in scanning whenever public raws aren't available (ie -- a good bunch of the Jade manga chapters) and...I don't remember anymore.

But just because we're stagnating doesn't mean we're throwing down the towel. I've lost a bunch of motivation over the past year and a half or so (I remember MangaUpdates listing our release rate at once every two weeks, but now it's up to about once every 3 months). Even if I do get offers from wonderful people wanting to help, I honestly don't actually have that many projects I want to work on anyways. As you all know, Eternal covers pretty much all of the series in the Tales of Magazine and it really would be idiotic for us at WoaA to release the same series twice, since we don't really want to compete. Plus, we have a few staff in common, so that makes the whole thing more complicated in terms of even if we did want to cover a series, it would be senseless to ask the same translator who worked on it for Eternal.

So what does that mean? It means I still suck at working on time and that I'll be out of the country most of the summer, ruining any plans for more productivity then. Of course, I'll still try to get some work down, but, as you may have noticed, we probably won't ever really be as lively as when we first started. Hopefully, we'll still get jump-started and do something, but I'm honestly not sure anymore.

Baaaah /back to AP studying

Posted by miken-chan on May 02, 2010 Post a Comment (27)
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