>> Celebration~

So, the Tales of the Abyss anime series has now started airing. To commemorate this wonderful event, here's Chapter 12!

Please consider Abyssal Chronicles when downloading your subs! Also, please note that since I'm timing episodes every other week (?), releases here may slow down. So watch the anime to tide you over until we can go full speed again!

...Don't worry, I still have weekdays to work my rear off here. XD;;

**The First Episode of Tales of the Abyss should be available within 24-48 hours, Abby's timing this week so it shouldn't be as slow as when I have to work**

Posted by miken-chan on Oct 03, 2008 Post a Comment (14)
   >> WHOAH

ToS is done~ ToS is done~ Rejoice, Rejoice!:D

What's that? We're still lacking the first chapter? At this point, I still suggest going to Eternal for it, our upcoming version of chapter 1 will be translated from the french scanlations just like what we did for the rest of the first two volumes. That means a possibility of being slightly innacurate what with going through two languages. (But I still trust Bee's french~ :D)

Just...don't expect chapter 1 soon *hasn't even cleaned it yet*. Three chapters in the past four days really wiped me out, and other than the Tales of Magazine series, I still have to get ToA 12 proofread and typeset (due to Mieu's computer being killed by viruses) Not to mention a redo of the Asch Gaiden chapter with Nagi's scans...

Ffffff, too much work. I think I'll just go lay down to read the tankouban for Symphonia 5 and EX now...

(Don't worry, I'm doing my homework as I type~:P)

Posted by miken-chan on Sep 15, 2008 Post a Comment (30)
   >> ToS 21

It's finally done~ Chapter 21 of Tales of Symnhonia is out!
Now only Chapter FINAL is left (excluding chapter 1...)

I guess this release is dedicated to the two avid Symphonia fans, who remain unnamed, who picked me up and spun me around today at my school's activities fair (you know who you are). XD;;

Next is either ToS FINAL or Flynn's chapter from the Tales of Magazine~

Posted by miken-chan on Sep 12, 2008 Post a Comment (18)
   >> Move Finished~

Well, it may look the same to you, but this site has moved to using Fusion News thanks to the wonderful a745. This means that you can now comment on updates again. This shouldn't bother most of you, unless you're a spammer -- in that case, get the hell out of here.

The old updates posts have been moved to the archives, due to them being on Cutenews and that subsequently having been killed by spammers.

In other news~ School starts the 2nd for me -- and a lot of the other staff are heading back. This means our output will slow a bit because I sure as hell don't want to fail Calculus or AP US History this year, especially since the colleges will end up looking at this one the most...Not to mention the dreaded SATs... :puke:

Posted by miken-chan on Aug 31, 2008 Post a Comment (40)
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