>> Something New for You~ (finally!?)

Thanks to the wonderful people at Buusagi, chapter 4 of the Reminisces of Jade manga is ready. Go over to the page to get it~

Now I should probably finish cleaning chapter 5...

Posted by miken-chan on May 11, 2010 Comments: (34)
Posted by Eoghan on May 12, 2010
Thanks a lot for the chap! :D

Posted by Aim on May 12, 2010
Yay! Thanks for the chapter :)

Posted by Kit on May 12, 2010
thank you very much! ^^ great job, as aways!

Posted by Vil on May 12, 2010
You made my day you know. I was all squee and happiness.

Posted by Silver Nightingale on Jun 15, 2010
Thank you very much for the hard work to bring this chapter to us. ^_^

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