>> In regards to lack of activity

I know I suck. I promised more stuff this year, and yet, the only thing being released at what I can even call a "steady" rate is our collaboration project with Buusagi, the Jade spin-off manga. Though that's mostly because I like cleaning more than proofreading and translating and also because the staff at Buusagi are awesome...As for anyone waiting for the main Tales of the Abyss manga -- I'd like to say that it's my fault entirely for the holdup. I've had a translation sitting on my computer for months, but I completely lost the motivation to even proofread it. I did, however, print it out to work on it in case any of my classes get too boring.

I honestly haven't really handed out that much work so far this year either. Yume and Ju-da-su are handling their translations at their own pace, I ask Nagi for help in scanning whenever public raws aren't available (ie -- a good bunch of the Jade manga chapters) and...I don't remember anymore.

But just because we're stagnating doesn't mean we're throwing down the towel. I've lost a bunch of motivation over the past year and a half or so (I remember MangaUpdates listing our release rate at once every two weeks, but now it's up to about once every 3 months). Even if I do get offers from wonderful people wanting to help, I honestly don't actually have that many projects I want to work on anyways. As you all know, Eternal covers pretty much all of the series in the Tales of Magazine and it really would be idiotic for us at WoaA to release the same series twice, since we don't really want to compete. Plus, we have a few staff in common, so that makes the whole thing more complicated in terms of even if we did want to cover a series, it would be senseless to ask the same translator who worked on it for Eternal.

So what does that mean? It means I still suck at working on time and that I'll be out of the country most of the summer, ruining any plans for more productivity then. Of course, I'll still try to get some work down, but, as you may have noticed, we probably won't ever really be as lively as when we first started. Hopefully, we'll still get jump-started and do something, but I'm honestly not sure anymore.

Baaaah /back to AP studying

Posted by miken-chan on May 02, 2010 Comments: (27)
Posted by Eefara on May 03, 2010
Aww, I'm sorry Miken; I hope everything works out for you. :( I understand how much time school takes up; this year (for me, at least) has been particularly bad. I'm glad you're not quitting (where else would I get my TotA fix? :X), and I'm sure everything will work out. :D

Posted by Ju-da-su on May 03, 2010
Meh, it's fine, Miken...just take your time~ Scanlations aren't as important as stuff like exams and college, so just take your time on it~ o/

Posted by Eoghan on May 04, 2010
I agree with the two others, there are things more important than scanlation so it's okay if you release chapters at your own pace. ^^
You don't need to force yourself, it can't be good for that kind of stuff so take your time. :)
As long as you don't quit, I'll be happy.
Good luck!

Posted by Sage on May 05, 2010
Even a scanlation once in awhile is more than you're obligated to do. Everyone needs creative downtime, and scanlating is time-consuming.

Again, if you ever need me for proofreading, you can poke me on LJ. In the meantime, just release stuff when you feel like it. It's your page. :>

Posted by Cao on May 05, 2010
Hm... college and whatnot is more important. Honestly, if I found out you were doing THIS instead of taking care of your life, I'd be going "WTFISWRONGWITCHUUCRAZY?! D< "

So take you time, relax, chill, blah~. No rushes.

Posted by miken-chan on May 13, 2010
Thanks a ton for your support, everyone~

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