>> Abyss Chapter 00

Well, after much deliberation and a few extra days of coloring, the fifth gaiden chapter for Tales of the Abyss is finally finished. It's a nice prologue to the main story, and it was quite fun to work on.

In addition, WoaA is (once again) looking for translators. At the moment, we currently have three, but there are more projects that are sitting on the backburner. If you are interested, please either PM at the Abyssal Chronicles forum or email me via the Contact Us page.

Also: Why yes I do like Jade in a ponytail~ <3

Posted by miken-chan on Dec 02, 2008 Comments: (13)
Posted by Aim on Dec 03, 2008
Yay! I've been looking forward to this scanlation ever since I heard this gaiden existed. Thank you so much :)*goes to download*

Posted by Shirona on Dec 03, 2008
Erm, so this is before the whole series or...?
And what gaiden does this belong too? ^^;

Posted by The Flan. on Dec 03, 2008
Jade in a ponytail....

Why, you just made the ToA fangirls very happy. Very, very happy. OMG.

Thank you for your hard work. I love your Tales scanlations.

Posted by Ju-da-su on Dec 03, 2008
*look at the colored icon*

. . .

<3 <3 <3

Why . . . I love Jade with ponytail ever since I first saw him back at the beginning of last month <3

Everyone loves Jade in a ponytail . . . XDDD

Posted by Ju-da-su on Dec 03, 2008
Thanks for the scanlation, Miken~ XDD

PS. This gaiden is . . . before the whole story take place, yes. It's about how Ion ran away from Daath with Jade and Anise at the beginning of the game. XD

Posted by Inuki on Dec 05, 2008
Ohhhhh, that is a masterpiece!!!
Jadeeeeeee, you are just so eye catching <3!
(Fangirl Scream~! XD)
* Gazing at the icon for hours <3 *

Posted by AruBalfour on Dec 05, 2008
*nosebleeds all over the computer at the sight of Jade in a ponytail*


Posted by yume on Dec 08, 2008
Jade in a ponytail<33

Thanks for this gaiden!

Posted by a745 on Dec 10, 2008
OH MY GOD MIKEN! Did you know I actually screamed after I saw the image at the right??? JADE IN A PONYTAILLL!!! HOLLLLYYYYY -shot-

Thanks for your hard work~~~!

Posted by miken-chan on Dec 10, 2008
I thought you'd like it -- the first time I saw the picture, I knew I had to color it. The full image is posted at the forums. ^-^""

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