>> ToP00 and a ToA Anthology

Well, Tales of Phantasia chapter 00 (prologue) is done~ Also done is an Anthology featuring Guy Cecil with a couple 4-koma comics added.

Any releases following this will be delayed because I have to reformat my computer again. Hopefully this won't take too long, but heads up if you don't see something out for a couple weeks.

Posted by miken-chan on Oct 27, 2008 Comments: (13)
Posted by SageSoren on Oct 27, 2008
That's my favorite dounjinshi artist ever. :'D

Granted, she's one of the only ones I know of, but I really like her(?).

Thanks a ton!

Posted by Aim on Oct 28, 2008
Thank you guys so much for your hard work! *goes off to read*

Posted by Shugo on Oct 31, 2008
Yes this is excellent, thanks Miken-chan, Phantasia is my most favorite Tales game of all ^^

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