>> Tales of the Abyss 14

Well, I realized that trying to proofread this chapter while timing the second half of episode 2 was a lost cause. It's not often that I send out proofreading tasks to others, but it does take a whole load offa me. XD;;

So, go download ToA14 and don't forget to go and download Tales of the Abyss episode 2 from Abyssal Chronicles. It should be noted that a number of complaints have been addressed, if any of you have seen the polls at the site or at LJ recently. And yes, this is the reason why chapter 14 was released now (if Mieu is wondering why I was holding it off for a couple days ^-^"").

Synchronized release (not really) ftw!

Also, if anyone is willing to help translate some doujinshi/anthologies and perhaps some Tales of Magazine entries, please email me from the Contact Us page.

Uguuu...I should be addressing my health and giving more work to other people (except ju-da-su and deriku who are bogged down right now). -_-""

Posted by miken-chan on Oct 11, 2008 Comments: (15)
Posted by Aim on Oct 12, 2008
I'm really loving all the Abyss goodness that is coming out lately :P Thank you for your your hard work on Ch 14!

Posted by MotherHen on Oct 12, 2008
Thanks agian for another chapter!! And btw, your colouring gets better every time I see it :D Great work!

Posted by Diana on Oct 14, 2008
Thanks so much for the chapter! It's always so very appreciated!

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