>> Celebration~

So, the Tales of the Abyss anime series has now started airing. To commemorate this wonderful event, here's Chapter 12!

Please consider Abyssal Chronicles when downloading your subs! Also, please note that since I'm timing episodes every other week (?), releases here may slow down. So watch the anime to tide you over until we can go full speed again!

...Don't worry, I still have weekdays to work my rear off here. XD;;

**The First Episode of Tales of the Abyss should be available within 24-48 hours, Abby's timing this week so it shouldn't be as slow as when I have to work**

Posted by miken-chan on Oct 03, 2008 Comments: (14)
Posted by Joanna on Oct 03, 2008

Hey, Miken!
*is super excited*

I will definitely need to download those episodes.
[Your coloring skills have been getting better and better lately].

Posted by Aim on Oct 03, 2008
Yay! Thank you for Ch 12 :) And I can't wait to check out the subs once they're finished. I'm so excited you guys are taking that on ^_^ Thank you!

Posted by miken-chan on Oct 03, 2008
@Joanna: It's nice to see you here again! I'm glad you like them~
@Aim: I'm glad you're interested, that makes the work all the more bearable for all of us.

Posted by LaMarionette33 on Oct 04, 2008
yay~!^_^ i really can't wait~

Posted by Zidart on Oct 05, 2008
thank you so much for doing the subs on Tales of the Abyss I'm really looking forward to see it

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