ToS is done~ ToS is done~ Rejoice, Rejoice!:D

What's that? We're still lacking the first chapter? At this point, I still suggest going to Eternal for it, our upcoming version of chapter 1 will be translated from the french scanlations just like what we did for the rest of the first two volumes. That means a possibility of being slightly innacurate what with going through two languages. (But I still trust Bee's french~ :D)

Just...don't expect chapter 1 soon *hasn't even cleaned it yet*. Three chapters in the past four days really wiped me out, and other than the Tales of Magazine series, I still have to get ToA 12 proofread and typeset (due to Mieu's computer being killed by viruses) Not to mention a redo of the Asch Gaiden chapter with Nagi's scans...

Ffffff, too much work. I think I'll just go lay down to read the tankouban for Symphonia 5 and EX now...

(Don't worry, I'm doing my homework as I type~:P)

Posted by miken-chan on Sep 15, 2008 Comments: (30)
Posted by bee on Sep 15, 2008
im going to miss tos. not only cuz its tos but also cuz i really loved that art style alot!
but wait o_o;... tos chap 1 is already translated o_o;;; i should know because i did it o_o;
i think i finished it on a sunday..... *remembering the past*
but man were teh french waaayyyyy off 0_0

Posted by miken-chan on Sep 15, 2008
It's translated, but not released as a scanlation...and I probably won't be able to get to it for a while.

Posted by Shirona on Sep 15, 2008
OMG The ending was so sad! Why Kratos, Why!
It was great while it lasted though...

Posted by Vi on Sep 15, 2008
Thank you so much for covering this series! :love:

Posted by danette-anime-otaku on Sep 16, 2008
Wait, they got French versions of the manga but no English version of the manga!? That just doesn't make sense to me!

Anyways, thank you so much for translating ToS! You have my eternal gratitude!

Posted by kizku on Sep 16, 2008
nice, thanks a lot! ending seemed a little cheesy though :roll:

Posted by Holy on Sep 16, 2008
Thank you, really, thank you so much.........
I want to cry, I love Tales of Symphonia.

Posted by Frostkiss on Sep 16, 2008
I'm crying again! :'(:'(
Just like at the game!!!
Thank you all! <3

Posted by Aemiz on Sep 16, 2008
Guys, thank you for sharing the Tales of Symphonia manga for everyone to read! You're amazing. ^^; Keep up the good work!

Posted by miken-chan on Sep 16, 2008
@Danette: It's not official -- it's a french scanlation.

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