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   >> ToV: Flynn Chapter 1

While ToS FINAL is now ready to typeset, I decided to forgo that and work on the much shorter Tales of Vesperia ~Flynn, The Holy Silver Knight~ Chapter 1. So far, it only makes me resent not having a 360 more. XD;;

All of the Tales of Monthly scans we have right now are courtesy of the amazing Zan and Kaiyashe~ Thank so much to them!

Just click on the sidebar to get to it~

Also, please check out the affiliates page under the shoutbox and contact me if you wish to be added~

In addition, the Projects page has been rearranged so that series show up alphabetically -- barring Doujishi, which stays at the bottom of the page.

Posted by miken-chan on Sep 13, 2008 Comments: (22)
Posted by Shirona on Sep 13, 2008
OMG! Thank you for the chapter~!!

Posted by Floma on Sep 14, 2008
OMG Flynn XD
Thank you very much ^.^

Posted by a745 on Sep 14, 2008
Hell yeah thanks miken~~

Posted by Zan on Sep 14, 2008
Not a problem with getting the TOM for these. Heck, we're thinking of getting the other issues. Mostly because everything looks nicer in the actual book.

Posted by SageSoren on Sep 14, 2008
Oh wow! Thank you!

And once ToS is out of the way, you'll probably get less of the "omg update!!!" people... or more of the Abyss fans. X'D

Posted by Zan on Sep 14, 2008
Though, there will probably still be the people who ask where chapter one of TOS is...

Posted by Ju-da-su on Sep 15, 2008
Every single thing just looks nicer in the magazine, always. :')

But if you're planning on buying the next one as well, maybe we should start dividing work here, Zan, because I already placed my order for ToM . . . >_<"

Posted by Zan on Sep 15, 2008
That would be good. That way neither of us have to scan the entire magazine. :) Unless we go with the EMS shipping. Then we'll have it within a week.

Posted by miken-chan on Sep 15, 2008
@Zan: I had Bee translate that from french scanlations so it can be filled in...but I honestly think I should just link to Eternal if I can't find the time.

@SageSoren: Still get a couple "update" people for Abyss...I just hope that doesn't spill over to projects.

Posted by MotherHen on Sep 15, 2008
Yay Flynn! I was always a little disappointed that Flynn's side of the story never really got told in the, not that I'm dissing Yuri, though!

Thanks a lot, and kudos for the quick update!

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