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   >> 3 Years~!

Though our offerings this year might be less than expected, I hope you still like our releases nonetheless~

First off, there's Tales of Symphonia (again) with chapter 2 version 2. This time around, we're working off of the official French release. This might clear up some inaccuracies of the first version, but it probably isn't 100% faithful to the original text, since there are bound to have been liberties with the french version, and I'm sure we made some liberties ourselves in this translation in order to make the characters sound more...well, in-character. Additionally, we have a separate .rar file for the bonus comics that are behind the slip cover of volume 1.

Then there's a double dose of Tales of the Abyss with 20 and 21. I know I've been annoyed about this in the shoutbox. This year has been a pretty slow one for us, but I hope this gets us off on the right foot? At the very least, it'll stop the complaining. (A nice note for the rest of the year: When I'm not obligated to release something like today, complaints usually push releases further back)

Finally, there's the long-awaited Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut chapter 3. I assure you that this chapter is cursed and it's a miracle that it's even getting released today. I had to redo it at least 3 times thanks to my computer dying at very inopportune moments. Hurry and get it before it mysteriously disappears~~~~

Additionally, there is another release coming in later today, I'll update this post after it's been finalized~

Okay~ Here's yet another wonderful chapter of the Jade-centric manga, done in collaboration with our friends at Buusagi~ Have fun!

Posted by miken-chan on Jan 23, 2010 Comments: (13)
Posted by Nonna Sok on Jan 24, 2010

Sorry I've been so useless.

Posted by Miken on Jan 24, 2010
You are in no way useless, Sok...I should call myself the useless one for not having gotten new translators for the raws you've given me...>_>;;

Posted by Silver Nightingale on Jan 25, 2010
Yay! Chapter 3! More love for Jade!

Posted by Eoghan on Jan 25, 2010
Thanks for all the chaps! :D

Posted by Anon on Jan 25, 2010
Sorry to be a pest, but on page 21 of TotA chapter 20, there's a panel where the dialogue is alongside the speech bubble, rather than inside it. I thought you might like to know.

Posted by Miken on Jan 25, 2010
Ah~ I'll get to it ASAP. ^-^;;

Posted by Aim on Jan 25, 2010
Thank you so much for the chapters :) *goes off to read*

Posted by Danette-Anime-Otaku on Jan 29, 2010
Yeah, you guys are back to business! Arigatou~

Posted by cybeast777 on Mar 21, 2010
For the Jade Curtiss Side Story does anyone know how many chapters have been released in total so far or if it's finished?

Posted by on Oct 05, 2011
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