>> ToS 21

It's finally done~ Chapter 21 of Tales of Symnhonia is out!
Now only Chapter FINAL is left (excluding chapter 1...)

I guess this release is dedicated to the two avid Symphonia fans, who remain unnamed, who picked me up and spun me around today at my school's activities fair (you know who you are). XD;;

Next is either ToS FINAL or Flynn's chapter from the Tales of Magazine~

Posted by miken-chan on Sep 12, 2008 Comments: (18)
Posted by Para on Sep 12, 2008
Final chapter! I'm guessing this is good for the team scanlating it since you can work on everything in the Tales Magazine now?

Posted by Frostkiss on Sep 12, 2008
Thank you so mich for ALL chapters!!!!:love::love::love:
Thank you for the hard work, you guys rock! >.<

But what chapter 1??

cu <3

Posted by MotherHen on Sep 12, 2008
I think you should just do the final chapter so you can finally check ToS off your to-do list.

Seriously, you have so much on your plate, including school... :push:I don't envy you guys at all!

Anyway, thanks for the update, and keep up the great work!

Posted by Holy on Sep 13, 2008
:'( *cries and dies*

Posted by Penamesolen on Sep 13, 2008
It's really nice of you all to work so hard so that we fans can read the manga. I'm really, really grateful to you folks :love:

I would suggest the final chapter of ToS, as that means that you will have that one out from your list (that is, if you don't want to take the EXTRA in OneManga :P).

Posted by miken-chan on Sep 13, 2008
@Para: Yes indeed~
@Frostkiss: WoaA never released chapter 1 of ToS
@Motherhen: Ahahaha...already finished typesetting Flynn
@Holy: You're welcome~
@Penamesolen: Ahahaha...I already finished Flynn's chapter...

Posted by Danette-anime-otaku on Sep 15, 2008
Alright, you guys have comments again!

Thank you so much I love this chapter! I look forward to the final chapter!

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