>> Finally!!

So, it's been almost two months since the last release, huh? I apologize profusely for the delay. I can blame Tales of Rebirth and Pokemon Platinum, but my own chronic procrastination played a huge part too.

We have Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut chapter 2 up (finally!), but you can probably tell that my cleaning job on it was quite horrible. Thank goodness we're gong to redo it with our collab with Eternal later on. XD;;

Two more ToA chapters in progress -- will try not to get sidetracked with completing my pokedex.

Posted by miken-chan on Apr 11, 2009 Comments: (10)
Posted by Rena Chan on Apr 11, 2009
Yay \o/ New releases!

Now it makes me look like I'm slacking ^_^" Been trying to finish catching up to my public raw scanning lately, I wanted to get them out of the way before concentrating on Eternal again (not to mention I still haven't resolved the problems with the ToS OVA raw encodes...)

Posted by Eoghan on Apr 12, 2009
I'll use you chap to compare with mine to check the translation because my JP translator doesn't know ToD and there were some shadowy points I'm not sure I translated well. Might have to make a V2. :)
Of course, if I have to make a V2 I'll say I used your translation for reference.

Posted by miken-chan on Apr 12, 2009
@Rena: Actually, I always feel lazy compared to you, since I see you post raws every week. XD;;

@Eoghan: I ran over most of the points during proofreading, but be careful, since there are parts where I had to change the wording heavily to match the situation.

Posted by Rena Chan on Apr 14, 2009
Haha, that's because I'm scanning a weekly manga.

I scan a lot...

Posted by Mouko on Apr 17, 2009
I'm curious, is the TotA manga still ongoing or have they finished it yet?

Posted by Rena Chan on Apr 18, 2009
The TotA manga is still ongoing in Japan at this point.

Posted by jamaal on May 02, 2009
woundering if you will finsh off the tales of vasperia,abyss and destiny mangas

Posted by miken-chan on May 13, 2009
We are planning to move forward with Abyss by ourselves, we might not work on the main ToV manga, since Rena's doing a good job on it, we might continue the Flynn sidestory (iirc it's hiatus'd in the magazine), We'll release ToD: DC chapter 3 and then restart with a collab with Eternal

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