>> A Little Bit Early~

As many of you may know, Wings of an Angel's 2nd Birthday is technically the 24th. Although most of the world is already there, it's still the 23rd here where we go by EST. Not to mention, I would have like timing the release to around 10pm on that day too.

Unfortunately, I have the SATs tomorrow morning, followed by a school activity that will no doubt exhaust me. Anyways, being early doesn't hurt either~

We have a lot this time around~ If you look to the sidebar, you can see that we finally got around to working on the first chapter of Tales of Symphonia. You can say we're back where we started in a sense.

In addition, the Tales of Symphonia Blade Comics Anthology has been uploaded. We're going to be releasing it story by story. Thankfully, you can read them out of order just fine.

We also wrap up Tales of Innocence with chapter 12. Wonderful HQ scans by Nagi from her copy of volume 3. However, this is not the end of the series for us. We're going to be collaborating with Eternal to release a high quality version of the series. Another collaboration (in need of a translator!) is Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut. As you can see, we haven't made good progress with it. At this point, we're ditching work on the magazine version and proceeding with Eternal to work on the tankouban version.

Also, there are re-releases of Ion Gaiden and Asch Gaiden. For the Ion Gaiden, we have used the same raws as last time, courtesy of Aefallen. Thankfully, I know much more about cleaning than I did way back then when I worked on it the first time. As for Asch Gaiden, we have used high quality raws from the back of the 3rd volume, thanks to Nagi.

Two new chapters of Abyss also finally wrap up the 3rd volume.

NOTE: I have acquired a copy of the Tales of Fandom vol.2 Anthology. However, I am reluctant to scan it without a translator willing to take on the entire book. In addition to translators requested previously, someone can apply to translate this too.

Posted by miken-chan on Jan 23, 2009 Comments: (12)
Posted by essa on Jan 23, 2009
Whee! I'm really looking forward to what's coming up next for Abyss... Volume 4 and 5 seem to deviate a lot from the game.

Posted by Rena Chan on Jan 23, 2009
Happy Birthday, WoaA \o/

*looks at the mountain of stuff to scan* >_o

Posted by Rena Chan on Jan 23, 2009
Oh, another thing Miken, you might want to look at having download mirrors (like for Eternal), especially for batch releases such as this. The direct download can and will get overloaded resulting in slow speeds when too many people comes to download them, and not everyone are really patient.

Posted by Darkangel on Jan 24, 2009
Happy b-day and thanx 4 the awesome work u guys, please keep up the good work in the future :)

Posted by Hikari Kurosu on Jan 24, 2009
Happy Birthday! ^^ Thanks so much for the new releases, and all the amazing work you guys have done!

Posted by Aim on Jan 24, 2009
Happy Birthday, WoaA! So much to download ^_^ Thank you all so much for your hard work!

Posted by Para on Jan 24, 2009
You finished Tales of Innocence! That's one more project done for the team! Good job!

By the way, don't worry about the SATs, those are easy. You made a lot of people happy with your translations!

Posted by miken-chan on Jan 24, 2009
@Rena: I'll look into that for the next batch release then...which probably won't be until this time next year. XD;;

@Para: I just took them this morning~ They were easy, but I had to erase and rewrite my essay in just 7 minutes. No doubt that'll be a disaster.

Posted by Rena Chan on Jan 24, 2009
Heh. It's fine if it's just one or two things to download, but when it gets this huge, it's better to have mirrors to distribute the load. I was having really slow speeds and getting time outs until it recovered >_<

Posted by Danette-Anime-Otaku on Jan 27, 2009
Eh, what? The Tales of Innocence manga is done already!? Wasn't expecting that. Either the managa rushed through the series or the game is much shorter than I thought.

Anyways, thanks for all the releases ^_^

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