>> Happy Holidays!

EDIT: Still looking for translators for:
- Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut (maybe?)
- Tales of the World
- Tales of Phantasia
- Various Doujin/Anthologies

To all of those celebrating a holiday this month, here's a present for you~ At long last, Tales of Innocence 11 is out. In addition, we have Tales of the Abyss chapter 15 where we finally pick up from the cliffhanger we left off on.

Ahahahaha...It's a wonder we even have them here, they were just finished on Monday and Tuesday respectively. XD;;

As you may or may not know, Wings of an Angel is now approaching its 2nd birthday! Almost 2 years, can you believe it? At this point, I would like to say that any releases that aren't urgent will be witheld until the 24th of January. Maybe a little earlier or later, since I have SATs scheduled for that day. DX

But I digress, To prepare for the upcoming birthday, I would also like to continue from last year. If anyone wishes to contribute anything -- whether it be fanart, graphics...pretty much anything relating to our projects -- please send it to my email listed at the Contact Us page with an appropriate subject line like "WoaA Birthday". Of course, this is entirely optional and should be done only if one wishes to, there's no pressure. XD;;

(As a precaution -- fanart must be drawn by oneself and if a base image, like a manga scan, is used. Please add a credit line for yourself and the original author)

PS - Head over to Eternal, Rena'll have her present for you soon~

Posted by miken-chan on Dec 24, 2008 Comments: (11)
Posted by Rena Chan on Dec 25, 2008
Hmm...Fayore is uncontactable? Did you see that she scanlated ToD: DC Chapter 7 too >__>

Posted by miken-chan on Dec 25, 2008
I saw that, but she hasn't really updated me on her progress despite the fact that I sent her the raws a while back. I just left her a message on MSN, though...

Posted by Aim on Dec 25, 2008
Awesome! Thank you guys so much :) Merry Christmas! *goes off to download*

Posted by Dessa on Dec 25, 2008
whee, Abyss 15! now I only have about two and a half volumes that I can't read, just look at the pretty pictures (and volume 4 is where it starts getting weird, anyway...)

Posted by Danette-Anime-Otaku on Dec 30, 2008
You guys and Eternal scanlations have provided us with many Christmas presents! Thanks for the most recent chapters~

Posted by a745 on Jan 17, 2009

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