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Well, it may look the same to you, but this site has moved to using Fusion News thanks to the wonderful a745. This means that you can now comment on updates again. This shouldn't bother most of you, unless you're a spammer -- in that case, get the hell out of here.

The old updates posts have been moved to the archives, due to them being on Cutenews and that subsequently having been killed by spammers.

In other news~ School starts the 2nd for me -- and a lot of the other staff are heading back. This means our output will slow a bit because I sure as hell don't want to fail Calculus or AP US History this year, especially since the colleges will end up looking at this one the most...Not to mention the dreaded SATs... :puke:

Posted by miken-chan on Aug 31, 2008 Comments: (40)
Posted by nick on Sep 01, 2008
best of luck in school XD the ACT wasnt that bad XD dont know about the SAT's

Posted by Rena Chan on Sep 01, 2008

Yeah, school comes first, so be sure to concentrate on that.

Posted by Zan on Sep 02, 2008
Ick, school. I hate it. *is in 12th grade*

In other news, the ToM is STILL NOT HERE! /wrist

Posted by lazySam on Sep 02, 2008
I have nooooooooo idea what your tests mean (I'm a high school student in Canada, so... :eek: I don't know anything American) but I wish you the best of luck! :)

"in that case, get the hell out of here."... :D

Posted by SageSoren on Sep 03, 2008
Do what you can! Don't be bothered by the people who are all, "LOL OMG PLZ UPDATE SOONER!!!!!"

The rest of us are patient. C:

Posted by cutepresea on Sep 03, 2008
Good luck with tests and school and such! :D

Posted by BOB on Sep 07, 2008

Posted by Cylph on Sep 07, 2008
OMG lucky! I started school Aug 18 D:
Good luck on AP and SAT- eeew

Posted by Aemiz on Sep 09, 2008
SAT's x.x not fun. I'm a college Freshman this year though so no more of those for me. :)

But good luck to you all the same. And as for the SATs, prepare for the most random questions you'll ever be asked...ever. XD But they're not impossible, so don't worry.

Posted by Zan on Sep 10, 2008
Just so it's known, the Tales of Magazine arrived here (if you didn't read it in the shout board, or the progress topic), and we are working on it. Slowly...slowly.

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