Just in time for the Turkey Day break (or in my case, duck) is the long-awaited update to Tales of the Abyss! Not only have I demonstrated that I'm just as bad as procrastinating as I was way back when this group was started, but I've also proven that once I get into the mood of working, I can't stop...and seeing as how it's 5:30am and I need to catch a train in a few more hours......

Anyways -- the status on raws for ToA is that I have no more currently ready, but I did manage to (finally) buy volumes 5,6 and 8. Where's 7 you ask? Well, I couldn't find it on YesAsia and I'm not too keen on most other places since they have exorbitant shipping prices. Once I get my hands on a friend's scanner things should pick up again.

As always scanner and translator positions are open. I have raws to a number of ToS anthologies as well as one for ToR that I've had around for ages. Iirc Rena also wants a translator for ToX's Jude manga and possible release it as a joint project? I can't really remember anymore...

Back to worrying about finals in two weeks...

Posted by miken-chan on Nov 23, 2011 Comments: (421)
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