>> ToA 22 + Recruiting

Tales of the Abyss Chapter 22 is DONE!

About time, right? I had to sort of rush to get this through before I leave the country for all of July tomorrow morning. I've had the translation for months and months on end now and the raws and cleans for longer. I suppose it just took me that long to muster up the motivation to proofread the translation, since typesetting was just the past two days.

Also -- we are in need of a translator for the Asch spinoff manga. Please contact me via the email listed on the "Contact Us" page if you wish to take up the task, but please do remember that I can't access my email from atop a mountain and I'd rather not take away from family time to go to an internet cafe when I am in a city, so if you try to contact me, you probably have to wait till late July/sometime August for a reply. Still, don't let that stop you from emailing me~ ...I must be sounding desperate.

What else? Hmmm. Translators are definitely needed to continue the ToS anthology and maybe the ToR anothology too depending on if Ju-da-su still wants it. Wow...I have less raws than I remember having. Ahahaha, suppose that's the result of (very) slowly whittling down reserves.

As for ToA chapter 23? I don't even have raws ready at the moment and thus cannot assign anything to anyone, so please don't ask within the next....Baah, I'll be generous and say 6 months.

Posted by miken-chan on Jun 30, 2010 Comments: (702)
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